What We Offer

Eurotech Knoxville performs all aspects of vehicle maintenance except bodywork. We perform oil changes, complete engine or transmission replacement and everything in between. In addition, Eurotech Knoxville can install aftermarket accessories. Routine maintenance services and vehicle inspections are also performed.
Eurotech Knoxville specializes in the vehicles we service. That means you are getting a qualified technician to maintain and/or repair your car. We are not like many of the multi-line service centers that work on all makes. We truly specialize in European brands and are qualified specifically for those makes:
Aston Martin ~ Audi ~ Bentley ~ BMW ~ Ferrari ~ Jaguar ~ Lamborghini ~ Land Rover ~ Maserati
Mercedes Benz ~ Mini Cooper ~ Porsche ~ Rolls Royce ~ Saab ~ Volkswagen



Service & Maintenance

Our ASE-certified technicians know your vehicle and understand the importance of regular maintenance and service to keep it in optimum condition and safe for the road. Eurotech Knoxville offers all service and maintenance from oil and filter, cabin air filters, clutch replacement, exhaust system repairs and upgrades, suspension repairs and upgrades, A/C maintenance, timing belt replacement, engine tune-up, brake pads and rotors. We provide you with the best in quality and service for your vehicle. Eurotech Knoxville uses BG products as an additive for engine, transmission and oil services.
  • Air Conditioning Service
  • Brake Repair & Upgrades
  • Electrical System & Battery
  • Engine Performance Diagnostics
  • Engine Repairs & Upgrades
  • Factory Recommended Service & Maintenance



Vehicle Diagnostics

Eurotech Knoxville is equipped with the latest in factory diagnostic technology, which allows our ASE-certified technicians to perform a thorough inspection and diagnosis of your vehicle, and to discover any issues before they arise. We have the equipment to identify why your check engine light is on and can determine the reason for malfunctioning power equipment, and even solve the mystery of the odd sound from under the hood.



Wheels & Tires

Our suppliers carry many tire brands and sizes, most of which can be delivered same day. You can choose to have your tires drop-shipped directly to us, and we’ll contact you when they arrive to arrange an appointment time that is convenient for you. Contact Us or one of our recommended suppliers when you need tires for your car.
Eurotech Knoxville is a recommended installer for Tire Rack and Tread Depot. Order online and have the tires delivered to us for installation. 



Wheel Alignment

Eurotech Knoxville offers in-house alignments for any European vehicle. Our equipment results in an accurate alignment with precise measurements. Whether you want your vehicle set to factory specifications or a custom set-up, Eurotech Knoxville can meet your needs. In fact, we are the only European specialty shop with the latest state-of-the-art tire and alignment equipment from Hunter Engineering to perfectly mount and balance tires and to align your vehicle.




Eurotech Knoxville offers vehicle inspections so that you can feel confident driving your vehicle. These inspections are routinely performed prior to a pre-owned vehicle purchase, but not always. Think of it as a checkup for your car, where a certified technician thoroughly inspects your car for issues before they arise. We provide a comprehensive checklist for our skilled technicians to follow and inform you of any issues that may arise as well as an estimate. This inspection can be performed individually or with other services performed by Eurotech Knoxville.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Pre-purchase inspections are performed so that you can feel confident about your pre-owned vehicle purchase. Allowing an inspection by a qualified third party is the most important thing you can do before completing your transaction. This vehicle inspection could divulge any undisclosed problems with your prospective purchase. Our survey includes a search for evidence of prior accident damage, repair or previous flood damage. We run a complete system diagnostic scan and a thorough evaluation of the current mechanical condition of the vehicle, and conduct a thorough road test to check general drivability and safety systems.
Eurotech Knoxville will also prepare an estimate to rectify any mechanical or service needs the vehicle may have at the time of inspection. Regardless of seller of the vehicle, we can identify problem areas or maintenance issues that the vehicle may have. This information is critical in order for you to make the correct decision about your purchase.

Track Inspections

Getting prepared for a track event? Prior to participating in a driving event, your car will need to pass a pre-inspection and you will need to provide a completed and signed validation for registration. We are knowleadgable and qualified to inspect and set-up your car for your next track event or Autocross. 

Warranty Inspections

Is your new car still under warranty? If so, bring your car to us within the last four to six weeks of the warranty period (be sure to check mileage too because you can lose warranty by miles or months). We can perform a thorough inspection to address any problems that may be covered under your warranty so that the repairs can be made by your dealer before the warranty expires.

Extended Warranties

Have you purchased an extended warranty for your vehicle? Eurotech Knoxville accepts most extended warranties. Please let us know your warranty information at the time of your appointment.