Land Rover Service

Land Rovers and Range Rovers are tough vehicles made to take a beating. They are built to withstand the rigors of all driving conditions, whether off-roading, long drives across country, or the stop-and-go madness of urban driving. They can withstand the elements like no other vehicle. But even these rough and tumble SUVs need some love, which comes in the form of scheduled maintenance.
Eurotech Knoxville’s ASE-Certified Master technicians are experienced in all aspects of Land Rover repair and maintenance.  
It’s simple to remember scheduled maintenance since modern Land Rovers are equipped with a Service Interval Indicator on the dashboard to inform you when it’s time for a maintenance visit. 
Land Rover maintenance schedules vary depending on the model and year, but regardless of this, there are some basic services that are included in most plans. They include oil service and a comprehensive inspection list to include tire and suspension reviews, transmission and shifting checks, brake inspections, gear lubing, filter changes, etc. We recommend discussing your scheduled maintenance plan with us.  We can help you decide on a service schedule that is specific to your Land Rover model and year depending on your personal driving habits. 
In addition to establishing a comprehensive service plan for your Land Rover, Eurotech Knoxville can also repair your Land Rover with expert care and attention to detail. We offer a full range of diagnostics utilizing our state-of-the-art equipment to discover problems on your vehicle. Our shop provides the following Land Rover services and more:
Diagnostic testing:  We can accurately diagnose problems with your vehicle utilizing the latest state-of-the-art Land Rover software.
Computer and software updates:  Modern Land Rover vehicles have a variety of internal computer systems and we can install those updates and upgrades.
Air conditioning:  Climate control systems to include A/C and heat are serviced and/or repaired. These systems should be inspected and serviced annually to include Freon level and coolant strength.
Electrical System/Batteries:  We can service and repair complex electrical systems in addition to installing or recharging batteries, replacing alternators and other electrical components.
Brakes and suspension: Land Rovers are designed for off-road use. Replacement of shocks, struts, and suspension parts as well as brake pads and rotors are an integral part of keeping your vehicle in good operating condition.
Transmission and drivetrain:  We offer complete drivetrain and transmission services including electrical diagnosis, transmission servicing and transmission replacement.
Call Eurotech Knoxville today to discuss your Land Rover’s needs.